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    Trident Engine Company 3 was incorporated by New York State on August 12, 1970. The company was actually formed on November 10, 1969 due to the need for an additional engine company and the need to expand authorized membership in the Jericho Fire Department.

    Today we consist of more than 25 members including not only firefighters, but most of Company 3 is medical-certified. We consist of Paramedics, EMT-CC's as well as EMT-B's.

    Due to the high number of medical personnel in our company, we roll first due to any medical emergency, auto accidents, and carbon monoxide alarms.

    Jericho Fire Department: Old and New

  • Department Chiefs

  • Company 3 Officers

  • Engine 943

    Engine 943
    • 2009 Pierce® Impel Pumper
    • Cummins 425 hp Engine
    • TAK-4 Independent Suspension
    • Allison 3000 Automatic Transmission
    • 1500 gpm Single Stage Waterous Pump
    • 500 Gallon Poly Tank

    Engine 945

    Engine 945
    • Dash-2000 77" Cab with 10" Raised Roof
    • Caterpillar C13 12.5L Engine, 430 HP, 1650 Torque
    • Husky 12 (single agent) Foam System
    • 1500 CMU Two Stage Waterous Pump
    • 600 Gallon Ply Med Water Tank
    • Elkhart "Stinger" RF Electric Monitor
    • Command Zone Advanced Electronics and Control System
    • Harrison 10kW MCR Hydraulic Hot Shift PTO Generator